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Recommended for 2 - 3 People

(Servings may contain pork, nuts, wheat, dairy or mushroom)


All platters are served with a bread basket

Bread basket

served with Extra Virgin olive oil & Balsamic vinegar                            £4.00

Charcuterie Platter

Today's pick of 4 cured meats.                                                            £17.00

Cheese & Charcuterie Platter

Today's pick of 2 cheeses & 2 cured meats.                                          £17.00

Apéritif Platter

Today's pick of 2 antipasti, a pot of olives & 2 cured meats.                  £15.00

(Vegetarian option available on request)

Cheese & Antipasti Platter

Today's pick of 2 cheeses & 2 antipasti.                                              £17.00

(Vegetarian option available on request)

Rillettes & Pâté

Served with Baguette, pickled green strawberries, cornichon & heirloom tomatoes

Pork Rillettes Comtoises                                                                      £5.00

Terrine de Campagne                                                                         £5.00


Small Dishes

Bar Snacks

£3.00 per serve

Smoked Almonds


Chilli Mix


Rose Harissa Nuts

Or Mix it up with a selection of 3!

Anti Pasti Selection

£3.00 per serve

Peppas Feta stuffed Peppadew style peppers 


Marinated Artichoke Heart in Herbs

Smokey Flavoured Semi Sun Dried Tomatoes Balsamic Onions


Marinated Grilled Aubergine


Chargrilled & Marinated Courgette


Pitted Black Olives in Herbs de Provence


Nocellara of Sicily Green Olives

Oaked Smoked mixed Olives


Flavoured Popcorn (Ask for selection) 

Charcuterie Selection

£5.00 per serve

(Servings may contain pork meat, nuts, wheat, dairy or mushrooms)


Prosciutto di Parma

Rosette de Lyon Saucisson

Pistachio Saucisson

Comté Saucisson

Wild Venison Saucisson

Wild Boar Saucisson

Hazelnut Saucisson

Provençal Saucisson

Our Cheese Trolley
A cheese trolley to make all the others jealous. An extensive range of British and French cheeses, wheeled to your table for you to make your selection.
Selection of hand picked cheeses all served with our bread basket, crackers and chutney.
(Gluten free crackers available on request)
4 cheeses                                       £12.00
6 cheeses                                       £16.00
8 cheeses                                       £20.00
"Cheese, wine and friends must be old to be good."